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Oddfellows’ Second Annual Whoopie Pie Bake Off

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I love sweets. No correction I really really love sweets! I can survive on ice cream and german chocolate cake for weeks on end. So when I heard about Oddfellows Café + Bar Second Annual Whoopie Pie Bake Off I was all in. However before I get into the competition let me explain what a Whoopie Pie is for those who don’t know. A Whoopie Pie is made of two round mound-shaped pieces of baked cookie, pie or cake. In between these cakes is a sweet, creamy filling or frosting. Think of something close to a Oreo cookie or a ice cream sandwich.

Bake off contestants were made up of professional and amateur bakers. Whoopie Pie entries were apprised by the crowd and a unique panel of official judges. Categories during the competition were: Home-Baker, Professional, and Gluten-Free/Vegan, with prizes for best classic and best non-traditional Whoopie Pies in each category. The prize for winning the Crowd Favorite Whoopie Pie will be an invitation to be a judge in the contest next year!

Product Runway 2011

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Product Runway was a celebration of design, a celebration of creativity and just a celebration! Interior designers and architects flaunted their creativity and technical skills by producing couture fashion constructed out of interior finish materials. These designers were divided into teams. Garments were made from carpet, ceramic tile, wall coverings and upholstery. Four leaders in the fashion and architecture world were selected as judges to pick the best fashion team of the night with the most creativity and design. The fifth and final judge was selected in a impromptu drawing.

From start to finish this show was not to be missed. Opening the fashion show was the legendary breakdancing crew; Massive Monkees. Their dance moves electrified the audience while Dj Swervewon played an energetic set of hip-hop selections. After the Monkees dance set the fashion judges were introduced by host Darnell Sue (founder of girl power hour). Darnell set the tone of “transitional fashion” by coming out in an unique outfit that morphed from bold to elegant in minutes. Soon after the runway models presented their designers/stylist’s take on transitioning fashion that dazzled the mind. In the end Basetti Architects took the crown with their retro-futurism look.

This part runway fashion show, theatrical production and indulgence fest also boasted culinary snacks. French fries with beef sliders and a variety of hot dogs that were provided by Dante’s Inferno Catering. Might I add all were very delicious.

One of my favorite things about Product runway was the audience participation. The audience was engaged and receptive to what was happening during the show. It always fun to be apart of artistic enthusiasts it make the adventure more enjoyable. In closing, this was an experience and I was grateful to have attended this artistic event. I hope IDCW continues to inspire creativity for years to come!

Chill Winston Burlesques 2-8-2011

If you’ve been to Vancouver B.C. you’ve either been or heard of Gastown. Not only is it one of the most historical places in Vancouver but it’s a up and coming part of the city. Having said that right in the heart of Gastown is Chill Winston. Chill Winston is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Every second Tuesday of the month you can catch one of the hottest burlesque shows in the northwest at the Guild located in the Chills basement.

The night started off with nice 5 piece Jazz band which played a little Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious, and Miles with a few classic joints sprinkled in. Next the ladies came out and teleported the entire crowd back to the prohibition days with their custom out fits, hair and makeup. The Burlesques girls displayed true talent. All the girls could sing very well which accompanied the unique dance routines.

Last but not least and I’m not sure if it was the Valentine’s Day show to them or what but the show oozed sexiness and not a bad way, but a very taste full way I may say… unfortunately I could stay till end but I was told I miss a few treats during the finale act. Overall I had a good time and I highly recommend you witness it if you’re in the area. Here’s a slideshow of some of the things i saw.

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Sasquatch Launch party February 6, 2011


The Sasquatch launch party was put on at the Showbox at the Market theater. The line up was simple, 2 Bands, 1 rap group and 1 comedian. Musical performances by The Thermals, Das Racist and Mad Rad kept the energy high as 1,000+ fans cheered. The evening was be hosted by comedian Todd Barry which provided some laughs during the set breaks. Sometimes when u go to a free show you don’t get too much, but not at this one.

The show opened with Dj Darwin who impressed the crowd with his techno/hop hop blends. Local fan favorite Mad Rad sonically blew everyone away sounding like a mix of hip hop, electro and 80′s rock. Das Racist had something sort of a Beastie Boy on speed vibe. Das Racist were so random they had the crowd wondering what they were going to next. Finally the Oregon based trio Thermals, filled the Theater with thier huge sound.

If this event was any marker as to what is to come we are in for a bumpy ride. Performers for this years Sasquatch festival were announced on the big screen. Groups like the Cold War Kids, Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse, Chormeo and Robyn just to name a few. For more line up info visit the Sasquatch blog or the official line up video

2010 Holiday Tweetup

This wasn’t your regular tweet-up event. This was more like a musically showcase. invited twitter followers to an evening of Holiday Cheer! It was a night of music, swag bags, socializing and donating!

The Event was hosted at Club Sur located in the SoDo district of Seattle. Belly dancing from hips for hire kept everyone entertained with a great performance. Local musicians like Annie Lockwood, Afraid of figs, Lions ambition and Ben Union strutted their stuff and filled the airways with great tunes. Although the music was great, the bad part about these long musical sets was that it was hard to talk and network with your follow twitter enthusiast. Most followers communicated the cool twitter feed displayed on a large screen behind the performers.

Prizes were handed out to raffle ticket holders. Prizes like a year supply of pop chips, gift certificates, and more. Personally I was pretty excited to find out my ticket won a bottle of red wine from Bartholomew Winery. Not a bad haul after leaving with a swag bag full of treats. The best part about this tweet up was all the toys, clothing and cash donated will be given to Tree house for Kids.

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If you haven’t yet, follow us on twitter. You’ll have good karma if you do. Wink!

Fine Finds Boutique Holiday Glam Shopping Soirée

Much love to Malinda Allanson for putting on this event, it was the perfect kick off to the holiday season. Set right in the heart of Vancouver’s Yale Town this small boutique was packed not only with little treasures it was also filled with a nice selection of people supporting the Province’s Empty Stocking Fund. This was an exclusive evening for VIPs, media and celebs to come out and give back to the community.

Guests enjoyed the a fashion show, bubbly, canapés, art exhibition, entertainment, photo booth, shopping and last but not lease fun! Everyone was in good spirits, pictures were snapping and drinks flowing, over all just a good time with good people. Big shout to the FMA (if you don’t remember them heres a link to our review to the FMA Fashion Show) family as well!

Sponsors for the event included MP communications events & pr, Yaletown Business Association, Arc 2 Intertainment, FMA Entertainment Weekly, Vancouver View Magazine, Hush Magazine, Georgia Esporlas Photography & Design, Fiasco’s, Le Studio, UPS 209 Yaletown Store, Divine Vines, L’Atelier Hair Salon, Blanche MacDonald Centre, Westcoast Yoga, Barre Fitness, Smell This Aromatherapy, Noir Lash Lounge, Stripped, Pure Nail Bar, Brent Ray Fraser, Sign Gallery Inc., Jane Blaze Productions, Luxe Beauty Lounge & Mobile Spa and A & B Partytime Rentals.

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Here are some of the pictures from the event plus the link to the photo booth from Le Studio Vancouver.

Thanks again Malinda Allanson from VNT.

D-List Magazine & HG lodge Present: GROCERY

DList magazine has always been one of the leaders of events around Seattle and this one was no different. “Grocery” is an event that caters to local vendors and is presented as a live trade show consisting of designers on a national level. The show feature top DJs like Supreme La Rock and Sharadawn.

When I first got into the venue (HG lodge located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle) I could tell it was going to be a special event. This invite only “see and be seen” spectacular was filled with the who’s-who in fashion and entertainment in Seattle. Shutterbugs swarmed with flashing lights once you entered the room. As people waited for the show to begin there was a certain buzz and electricity in the room that is hard to describe. By the time the show started the crowd was almost dying with anticipation. The actual show was short and sweet. The models wowed the audience with hot fashion styles but some how after the show was over I found myself wondering…

Where is all the male clothing?

I wanted to see something that represented the fellas… something that I wanted to walk away with… something that makes me want to say,” that’s what I need this season”! Hmm… maybe next time?

The after party is where the energy really kicked up another notch! The room shifted from fashion to fun. With free ample energy drinks, everyone danced to Dj Supreme as he played cuts from Shakira to Janet Jackson. Personally, I can’t wait for more installments from Grocery. Rumor has it this will be an ongoing event between HG and D-List. I can’t wait for the next one. Keep your fingers crossed!

The District Lounge Fall Meetup

If you’ve been through the university district in Seattle, Washington you may have driven down the cross streets of 45th and brooklyn. 45th and brooklyn is where you will find the lounge called The District . It’s a lounge you may have missed driving toward the main stretch of road called University Ave.

Yesterday The District invited fans and friends to meet the chefs and the District team while enjoying samples from their new fall menu along with assortment of wine. One lucky winner also received a $50 gift card to use on a future visit. I was a bit sad I didn’t win but I did get a chance to sample some of their fresh salmon,meatballs and wine so I was still happy! The District is like a blast from the past. If I had describe the insides of the restaurant I would say it’s almost like a slice out of the movie casablanca. The lounge has a old charm to it with it’s tall chairs and jazzy ambience. If your wanting some place a little different to hang after work or chat with your friends this is the perfect spot.

The District Lounge
4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE
Seattle, WA

Pioneer Square Art Walk

Thursday (10-7-10) was the Pioneer Square Art walk. The VNT Team decided to check the Pioneer Square Art Walk. Now Pioneer Square is always an adventure, and the abundance of creativity that surrounds this ninety acre area and always amazes me. Even with all the art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars, and all the other miscellaneous shops, there is always something new to find!

We walked our way to the historic 5 story Victorian building housing visual artists of all sorts. We never knew what to expect from floor to floor, or studio to studio. As we navigated the myriad exhibits (wine in hand of course!), our senses were put on overload. Every artist offered a unique style that wasn’t duplicated or recreated anywhere else at the event. The pieces varied from classic recreations, contemporary approaches, distinctive jewelry, buttons, sculptures, photography, and pretty much anything you can think of!

The Pioneer Art Walk offers something for everyone. Whether it’s the good, the bad, the ugly, or the “WTF?” – it’s there! We would display pictures of the event but maybe that might stop you from going. Soo.. check it out! For more information about the Pioneer Square Art Walk, visit:

Fashion Network Launch Event Seattle

October 7th was the night of the “Fashion Network launch party” and let me tell you something it was really deck out! This event was hosted in the heart of the SoDo area of Seattle. The venue was a huge hall, which provided plenty of room for onlookers to view to the scenery.

Labeled “The Anti-Runway Show of the Season”, designers represented their fall 2010 line. People came to enjoy an evening of fashion, food, spirits and entertainment to celebrate the Seattle Fashion Industry. With donations benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation It seemed like everyone was in attends.

With no runway designers were separated in corners to display their line. Music performances from neo-hip-hop/rap group Black Stax kept good music flowing though the halls. All and all it was a good showcase to present to the Seattle. I look forward to the next one.