If you’ve been through the university district in Seattle, Washington you may have driven down the cross streets of 45th and brooklyn. 45th and brooklyn is where you will find the lounge called The District . It’s a lounge you may have missed driving toward the main stretch of road called University Ave.

Yesterday The District invited fans and friends to meet the chefs and the District team while enjoying samples from their new fall menu along with assortment of wine. One lucky winner also received a $50 gift card to use on a future visit. I was a bit sad I didn’t win but I did get a chance to sample some of their fresh salmon,meatballs and wine so I was still happy! The District is like a blast from the past. If I had describe the insides of the restaurant I would say it’s almost like a slice out of the movie casablanca. The lounge has a old charm to it with it’s tall chairs and jazzy ambience. If your wanting some place a little different to hang after work or chat with your friends this is the perfect spot.

The District Lounge
4507 Brooklyn Ave. NE
Seattle, WA