What can I say about FMA fashion week? Let me give you a few words.

  • Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Energetic
  • Fresh
  • Fashionable

FMA, which stand for “Fashion, Arts and Music” took place at the new hip club 560 in downtown Van-city. The Plush décor, multiple levels and the open floor layout made the perfect staging ground for this 4 day event. Paintings and Art exhibits from local and international artist covered the walls as guests enjoyed the complimentary champagne, wine, gourmet appetizers and Makeup artists from “Kiss and Makeup” were giving free makeup makeovers. What else can you expect from the creator and executive producer Andy Chu. Let me tell you something about Andy, he’s a really fun guy. He’s very stylish and very extreme I might add too. You’ll have to come to one of his events to find out why I say that, but trust me he’s awesome!

The FMA Fashion Achievement, Music Achievement, Art Achievement and Outstanding Contribution awards were handed out. After the show in the back corridors guests were able to shop and purchase exclusive items, the diehard shoppers couldn’t get enough. This feature was ongoing right until the closing night.

Local and international press buzzed all around the venue snapping shots and conducting interviews with designers, artist, stylists, award winners and key guests VNT was one there to capture the FMA energy. All and all it was a week you didn’t want to miss. Here are a few pictures from the event more pictures on our Facebook. Stay tuned for the FMA Fashion week video.

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