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Product Runway was a celebration of design, a celebration of creativity and just a celebration! Interior designers and architects flaunted their creativity and technical skills by producing couture fashion constructed out of interior finish materials. These designers were divided into teams. Garments were made from carpet, ceramic tile, wall coverings and upholstery. Four leaders in the fashion and architecture world were selected as judges to pick the best fashion team of the night with the most creativity and design. The fifth and final judge was selected in a impromptu drawing.

From start to finish this show was not to be missed. Opening the fashion show was the legendary breakdancing crew; Massive Monkees. Their dance moves electrified the audience while Dj Swervewon played an energetic set of hip-hop selections. After the Monkees dance set the fashion judges were introduced by host Darnell Sue (founder of girl power hour). Darnell set the tone of “transitional fashion” by coming out in an unique outfit that morphed from bold to elegant in minutes. Soon after the runway models presented their designers/stylist’s take on transitioning fashion that dazzled the mind. In the end Basetti Architects took the crown with their retro-futurism look.

This part runway fashion show, theatrical production and indulgence fest also boasted culinary snacks. French fries with beef sliders and a variety of hot dogs that were provided by Dante’s Inferno Catering. Might I add all were very delicious.

One of my favorite things about Product runway was the audience participation. The audience was engaged and receptive to what was happening during the show. It always fun to be apart of artistic enthusiasts it make the adventure more enjoyable. In closing, this was an experience and I was grateful to have attended this artistic event. I hope IDCW continues to inspire creativity for years to come!