Thursday (10-7-10) was the Pioneer Square Art walk. The VNT Team decided to check the Pioneer Square Art Walk. Now Pioneer Square is always an adventure, and the abundance of creativity that surrounds this ninety acre area and always amazes me. Even with all the art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars, and all the other miscellaneous shops, there is always something new to find!

We walked our way to the historic 5 story Victorian building housing visual artists of all sorts. We never knew what to expect from floor to floor, or studio to studio. As we navigated the myriad exhibits (wine in hand of course!), our senses were put on overload. Every artist offered a unique style that wasn’t duplicated or recreated anywhere else at the event. The pieces varied from classic recreations, contemporary approaches, distinctive jewelry, buttons, sculptures, photography, and pretty much anything you can think of!

The Pioneer Art Walk offers something for everyone. Whether it’s the good, the bad, the ugly, or the “WTF?” – it’s there! We would display pictures of the event but maybe that might stop you from going. Soo.. check it out! For more information about the Pioneer Square Art Walk, visit: