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Foodportunity 2012

Did you go to Foodportunity? If you didn’t know Foodportunity, is one of Seattle’s premier networking food events. At Foodportunity 2012 guests sampled bites from Tom Douglas Restaurants, Local 360, Il Corvo Pasta, The Metropolitan Market, Beecher’s and more. One of the best parts of this events is when you actually talk to some one the chefs from these fine establishments. A couple of my favorite dishes were Ilfornaio’s panino vegetariano and Metropolitan Market’s Mac and cheese. Here are some snap shots taken from the event.

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Mobile Food Rodeo Sept-17th

From September 12, 2011

Ryan Reiter and Jon Hegeman, the creative duo behind some of Seattle’s most popular events (Fremont Outdoor Movies, Lebowski Fest, the Ballard Farmers Market, and the Guinness World Record Breaking Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk) now plan to do their take on mobile cuisine. The Mobile Food Rodeo is slated to be the premier showcase of mobile cuisine in the Pacific Northwest.

The Mobile Food Rodeo offers attendees a unique experience to taste the best in street food, sampling over 20 different kinds of cuisine for one low great price without hunting over town for their favorite food trucks. Food trucks like Where ya at matt?, Lumpia world, Bistro box, Molly moons and others will be providing bites savory to sweet, meat to vegan, and everything in between. The Mobile Food Rodeo is also a huge charity fundraiser that donates $2 from every ticket to local non-profit, Solid Ground that aims to help end poverty through educational programming, job placement and housing

Follow them on twitter: Twitter:@MobileFoodRodeo
To buy your tickets click here

Columbia City Chow Down (Video)

Did get get your tickets to the Columbia City Chow Down yet? One lucky winner in this video won a free passport ticket. Was it you? Find out as interviews one of the participating restaurants. Island Soul Caribbean.

Socializing For Social Change Promo

Socializing For Social Change July 28th

Socialize For Social Change is coming!

Join us for a fun-filled evening to Socialize For Social Change on Tia Lou’s newly remodeled Las Vegas style roof top deck!

Why should you attend?

  • Support a good cause
  • Tia Lou’s for happy hour specials
  • Free appetizers
  • Cool local fashion
  • Great music
  • Networking
  • Plus! First 50 attendees will receive a swag bag from our great sponsors!
    Fashionably late comers relax – the raffle available at the door for awesome prizes!

    All proceeds go to Global Music Project.

    What is Global Music Project?

    Global Music Project is non-profit organization representing music fans, artists, event promoters, progressive businesses, social activists, and others who believe in the power of music to attract, educate, and inspire humanity to participate in making a better world.

    If you have a twitter account don’t forget to use our hashtag #S4SC

    Oddfellows’ Second Annual Whoopie Pie Bake Off

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    I love sweets. No correction I really really love sweets! I can survive on ice cream and german chocolate cake for weeks on end. So when I heard about Oddfellows Café + Bar Second Annual Whoopie Pie Bake Off I was all in. However before I get into the competition let me explain what a Whoopie Pie is for those who don’t know. A Whoopie Pie is made of two round mound-shaped pieces of baked cookie, pie or cake. In between these cakes is a sweet, creamy filling or frosting. Think of something close to a Oreo cookie or a ice cream sandwich.

    Bake off contestants were made up of professional and amateur bakers. Whoopie Pie entries were apprised by the crowd and a unique panel of official judges. Categories during the competition were: Home-Baker, Professional, and Gluten-Free/Vegan, with prizes for best classic and best non-traditional Whoopie Pies in each category. The prize for winning the Crowd Favorite Whoopie Pie will be an invitation to be a judge in the contest next year!

    Columbia City Chow Down July 26th

    Support a great cause while dining out at some of Columbia City’s fabulous restaurants!

    Purchase a Columbia City Chow Down passport and get a chance to sample tasty bites from Columbia City’s best restaurants. Columbia City Chow Down proceeds benefit the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

    The Columbia City Chow Down
    July 26, 2011
    5 to 9 PM.
    For ticket info check the eventbrite. See you there!

    Participating Restaurants: Banadir Restaurant, Chelsea Deli, El Pilon, Empire Espresso, Full Tilt Ice Cream, Geraldine’s Counter, Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine, Jones Barbeque, La Medusa, St. Dames, Tutta Bella, Verve Bistro, Wabi Sabi

    Where Ya At Matt Food Truck – Seattle

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    After sampling different flavors around the city I try to find other things to excite my taste buds. “Where you at Matt” food truck is a local fan favorite. After stopping by to eat some delicious food I talked to the owner Matt and asked him a few questions.

    What is your name?

    Matthew Lewis

    What your facebook or twitter handle?


    What is creole food? What kind of spices do you use? Describe the taste and what creole food means to you?

    Creole food originated in the heart of New Orleans, influenced by refined European cultures such as Italy, France and Spain. Drawing from classical techniques and spices, the style of cooking started in the plantations of Louisiana. Creole is also influenced by the African culture through the slave trade. For example, gumbo means okra in one of the African dialects. Traditional Creole cooking is characterized by the holy trinity (chopped onion, bell peppers and celery), citrus marinades, use of rice and beans. A traditional Creole spice mix incorporates paprika, thyme, cayenne, oregano, garlic and onion powder. I have my own secret seasoning mix of spices I use in our gumbo, jambalaya and red beans n rice which I won’t reveal. The taste is complex, a bit spicy and satisfying. Creole represents a culture, history and tradition in NOLA. It’s soul food, food you live to eat.

    Now that we got the hard questions out of the way, how did you come up with the concept of a creole food truck?

    I wanted to cook the food I love, it’s my tradition, background and culture. A truck was the best investment for me as well as the opportunity to bring authentic NOLA street food to Seattle.

    What is like cooking on the truck?

    It’s fun! We have a great time, but of course a great deal of work, the truck is outfitted so we can provide the best quality possible to our customers. in addition to the assembly of food and cooking on the truck, a tremendous amount of preparation is done offsite. We make almost all of the food we serve down to the mayonnaise on the po’boys and the andouille sausage in the gumbo and jambalaya. The truck is where all of the hard work comes together. Plus, it’s the best part, we get to feed people.

    What made you want to bring New Orleans food to Seattle?

    After coming to Seattle and cooking in high-end restaurants, I wanted to go back to my roots, which is no question Creole. Our food is creole soul, it’s the food rich with history and tradition. No one else in Seattle serves that kind of cuisine making this a great opportunity. Combining with Seattle’s commitment to local and sustainable, it’s really a natural fit.

    Are you from New Orleans or do you just like New Orleans food?

    Absolutely, my family is from NOLA. I started cooking in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother at a young age. I lived in NOLA for over 18 years.

    What’s your favorite dish out of all the things you serve?

    Everything, but especially the jambalaya. It’s a family recipe.
    What is your favorite creole dish that isn’t on your menu?

    Do you switch up your menu? If so, how often?

    We have our mainstays on the menu- the po’boys, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans n rice, shirmp n grits, beignets and of course the muffaletta. One “special” that moonlights on the menu is the smothered chicken. We just added cornbread, pecan pie and sweet potato pie from a local producer and friend of the truck, Samadhi Chocolates.

    Do you have any weekly, holiday, or seasonal food specials?

    Leading up to Lent, we offered King Cake, a New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition complete with the baby.

    What is the price range of your menu?

    Prices start at $4 to $12. We offered half and full portions of the gumbo, jambalaya and shrimp n grits. We want to keep prices affordable since it’s lunch. Our portions are generous while remaining committed to quality.

    How did you decide upon the weekly route you have?

    Our route is set for the week however depending on opportunities and special events we may switch it up. I’m currently looking to add an Eastside location, but that’s still a work in progress.

    How often do you change route?

    We don’t change our route often, we like to keep it consistent for our customers, it’s important to build relationships and cultivate a community around the truck. We keep to our schedule. We did add Tuesday at Starbucks Headquarters in SoDo recently joining other food trucks while their cafeteria is under renovation, we expect to be there through the fall.

    Can we look forward to a 2nd Where Ya At Matt food truck?

    Not at this time, the one truck keeps me busy enough but we are expanding our catering business and other possibilities.

    How can people find your truck?

    It’s easy, check the website for schedule, Twitter or Facebook. We want people to know where we are at!

    Taste The World – February 22

    We weren’t even planning on doing a blog review! Although, after going to this special event we just had to show our viewers some of what we experienced. Taste the world was a culinary experience not to be missed. In this event you had the choice to pick from six different flavors from around the world including ; Thai, Caribbean, Mexican, and Indian just to name a few. My personal favorite was the Caribbean dish from Calabash. Other highlights were mexican cooked grasshoppers in which I tried. The grasshoppers weren’t too bad. It reminded me of a type of nut. I wouldn’t eat it everyday but I was fun to try!

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    The event had a live twitter feed going on in the background. I thought this was really cool as guest’s can see their post twitter “#tastetheworld” posts instantly. This defiantly added another form of interaction to the event. In the middle of the room, artist Dustin Timms created a urban graffiti master piece which was auctioned off for charity at the end of the event. Musical performers and dance groups provided a soundtrack and entertainment to this special event. One of my favorites were Gio Escueta and Sangre Morena.More photos to come.

    To read more about all the venues at this event please visit the previous entry click here.

    Golazo: 3 v 3 Soccer Tournament and Party

    After experiencing the Golazo launch party back in November I felt like wanted to capture the adventure for my VNT readers. Luckily I found another opportunity with the Golazo 3v3 tournament last weekend.

    The party kicked off in Capitol Hill (which is one of my favorite areas might I add) at the Golazo headquarters. The place was buzzing with energy. There were so many things going on one could have been overwhelmed. In one section people were gathered on stands cheering and supporting their favorite 3 on 3 soccer teams. In another section was a picture booth where people had an opportunity to click their own photos next to an amazing graffiti background. There was Xbox Kinect set up near the back wall where the video game literate and the not-so literate could play and enjoy controller – free gaming. Everywhere else there were people warming up and practicing there best tricks and footwork.

    I liked that this was a event that all ages could experience. I personally enjoyed the open bar upstairs for the 21+. “Golazo and vodka, I’ll take two please, lol!” All the while I was dancing to the mixes by Dj Killa B and other DJ’s of the evening. I finished off the night with a scrumptious quesadilla provided by The Rancho Bravo Tacos truck. Surprisingly it was front door service in the Golazo headquarters.

    Que golazo!

    Picture booth Photos can be view on the Golazo Facebook page.

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