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Taste The World – February 22

We weren’t even planning on doing a blog review! Although, after going to this special event we just had to show our viewers some of what we experienced. Taste the world was a culinary experience not to be missed. In this event you had the choice to pick from six different flavors from around the world including ; Thai, Caribbean, Mexican, and Indian just to name a few. My personal favorite was the Caribbean dish from Calabash. Other highlights were mexican cooked grasshoppers in which I tried. The grasshoppers weren’t too bad. It reminded me of a type of nut. I wouldn’t eat it everyday but I was fun to try!

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The event had a live twitter feed going on in the background. I thought this was really cool as guest’s can see their post twitter “#tastetheworld” posts instantly. This defiantly added another form of interaction to the event. In the middle of the room, artist Dustin Timms created a urban graffiti master piece which was auctioned off for charity at the end of the event. Musical performers and dance groups provided a soundtrack and entertainment to this special event. One of my favorites were Gio Escueta and Sangre Morena.More photos to come.

To read more about all the venues at this event please visit the previous entry click here.

Chill Winston Burlesques 2-8-2011

If you’ve been to Vancouver B.C. you’ve either been or heard of Gastown. Not only is it one of the most historical places in Vancouver but it’s a up and coming part of the city. Having said that right in the heart of Gastown is Chill Winston. Chill Winston is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Every second Tuesday of the month you can catch one of the hottest burlesque shows in the northwest at the Guild located in the Chills basement.

The night started off with nice 5 piece Jazz band which played a little Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious, and Miles with a few classic joints sprinkled in. Next the ladies came out and teleported the entire crowd back to the prohibition days with their custom out fits, hair and makeup. The Burlesques girls displayed true talent. All the girls could sing very well which accompanied the unique dance routines.

Last but not least and I’m not sure if it was the Valentine’s Day show to them or what but the show oozed sexiness and not a bad way, but a very taste full way I may say… unfortunately I could stay till end but I was told I miss a few treats during the finale act. Overall I had a good time and I highly recommend you witness it if you’re in the area. Here’s a slideshow of some of the things i saw.

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Sasquatch Launch party February 6, 2011


The Sasquatch launch party was put on at the Showbox at the Market theater. The line up was simple, 2 Bands, 1 rap group and 1 comedian. Musical performances by The Thermals, Das Racist and Mad Rad kept the energy high as 1,000+ fans cheered. The evening was be hosted by comedian Todd Barry which provided some laughs during the set breaks. Sometimes when u go to a free show you don’t get too much, but not at this one.

The show opened with Dj Darwin who impressed the crowd with his techno/hop hop blends. Local fan favorite Mad Rad sonically blew everyone away sounding like a mix of hip hop, electro and 80′s rock. Das Racist had something sort of a Beastie Boy on speed vibe. Das Racist were so random they had the crowd wondering what they were going to next. Finally the Oregon based trio Thermals, filled the Theater with thier huge sound.

If this event was any marker as to what is to come we are in for a bumpy ride. Performers for this years Sasquatch festival were announced on the big screen. Groups like the Cold War Kids, Foo Fighters, Modest Mouse, Chormeo and Robyn just to name a few. For more line up info visit the Sasquatch blog or the official line up video

Casual Industrees and Urbanity Release party “UW Collabo Tee” Video

This video was shot and edited by Brian Oh. It was recorded at the Casual Industrees & Urbanity release of the “UW Collabo Tee”. I put it in because it’s a nice video and also if you look closely you might see me, Antonio Smith in the background. Ha!

New VNTSERVICE Page added to!

Some people were curious as to what kind of things VNT can do for them. Well if your one of those people this page is for you. This new service page lists out the many services available through Visualnoisetype. While your on the page don’t forget to a look at the video displayed on the page filmed at the Olympic Broadcasting Service Wrap-up Party. Visualnoisetype premiered our Dj On-Demand service At the 2010 Olympic Broadcasting Service Wrap-up Party by streaming Dj kole (Chicago) and Miss Shelrawka (New york) to a energetic international crowd! Check out the new page

BoConcept House Warming Party Seattle

It was a great idea from the start, inviting your customers and friends to free cocktails crafted by re:public bar, fine appetizers by Gourmondo, and most importantly a free opportunity to see, test and buy modern home furnishings (tucked in between some very beautiful people).

It wouldn’t be a house warming party with out a great music. DJ Tecumseh was on the one’s and two’s spinning everything from neo-soul to 80’s new wave. A small fashion show and art gallery was enjoyed by everyone from the avant garde crowd. It was a great night, and we definitely give it two VNT thumbs up. Thanks Bo Concept, you’re super fresh!

BoConcept Seattle

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