Most “Computer Geeks” worth their weight in digital salt knows about “QR” codes, but what about the common public? “QR codes” are becoming more and more common in mobile marketing. In order for you to stay current in ways to engage your mobile audience, empower them to take action and evaluate performance of your promotions “SCANVEE” is the newest and best!

Gauge Mobile, a mobile marketing company, invited us to preview their new product “SCANVEE” which is a management platform for mobile barcodes. The official launch of the platform was on May 16, 2011, at MINI Yaletown. The platform offers a free small business/consumer account. In 10 minutes anyone can have a mobile page with a full business/personal profile: image, name, description, contact information and social media links. The site is linked to a QR code, which can be utilized on business cards, promotional material and advertising.

For more information about Gauge Mobile and Scanvee visit their website or subscribe to their twitter!